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Welcome to IN HOME BODY IN BALANCE, a St. Augustine private, in-home wellness, fitness, and physical therapy practice focused on the local 55-year-old and older community. In 2018, licensed physical therapist, Lee Spannhake, founded this company after noticing the growing changes and limitations brought forth by insurance companies. These changes can limit the treatment time, the frequency of treatment, and the types of treatment a therapist can perform. Lee saw how frequently patients were quickly retreating to their pre-therapy level after physical therapy ended. Increasing demands and declining reimbursements from insurance companies to therapy companies have affected the quality of patient care as well. Because of these changes, patients tend to have fewer visits, shorter visit times and are often one of many seen at the same time while assigned to a therapist, or assistant. Lee felt a strong need to develop programs tailored to individuals' needs and goals without external limitations from insurance companies. She aims to do this by promoting and encouraging dedication to a healthy lifestyle to ensure that each of her clients can become their absolute best.

IN HOME BODY IN BALANCE is dedicated to helping clients whose health needs may vary. Some patients may be younger and unable to leave their homes due to demands in taking care of less mobile spouses, or dependents. Some may be in their 90's, still living independently and wanting to maintain their same level of independence. In these cases, the ultimate goal is to prevent assisted living home or nursing home placements. Other patients may live alone and without family members close by. In these cases, the families' goal is often for Mom or Dad to remain active. These families also tend to find comfort in having trained eyes to monitor their parents' health as they age. There are some clients who have difficulty with balance and want to progress to a long-term, safe and comprehensive balance, and fall-preventative program. Others may need additional motivation and accountability to complete weekly exercises necessary to build strength and endurance. These accomplishments tend to occur after the completion of home health and outpatient therapy services. Overall, our clients' functional limitations and disease processes may vary. These may include conditions such as vestibular balance dysfunction, arthritis, osteoporosis, Parkinson's Disease, and general age-related changes. Lee will monitor changes in signs and symptoms each visit and communicates with her clients, their caregivers, and their doctors as needed. The goal is to allow the client to continue to remain in their home safely.

Most therapy sessions are a full 60-minute duration to ensure that all treatments are to the client's satisfaction and that each client's treatment plan progresses properly. Shorter, 35-minute programs that focus on walking for bone health, endurance, strength and safe mobility are also available. In addition, we strive to make each client feel comfortable by conducting each session in the comfort of the patient's own home. We want to know what your goals are for a healthy lifestyle. As a team, we can then develop the best, customized program to help each patient progress their strength, range of motion, balance systems (including inner ear vestibular balance), bone health, posture with trunk stability, walking tolerance and walking quality.

At IN HOME BODY IN BALANCE, our mission is to provide a safe exercise routine for 55-years-old and older clients in a fun and motivating way. We want to inspire our patients through compassion, dedication and the strength to get each of them back on their feet, to keep them active, to give them the ability to take charge of their lives and to age positively.

Celebrating Positive Aging

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Success Stories

  • I fell, broke my hip bone, top of my femur; hospital, re-hab, and home in a wheelchair. I needed help in home. I answered the door and there was Lee. She is more than physical therapy. She explains the reason for every move and why it is needed to put my body in balance. I even get lists of things to do in between visits. I now stand straight, walk without pain and we are working on my osteoporosis and arthritis. Every day I thank God that Lee came through my door.…

    Betty Lou

  • Lee played a big part in my dad's rehabilitation and keeping his positive attitude when he returned home from a rehab facility in Saint Augustine. With her help my dad regained his strength and was able to walk and do daily tasks. Overtime they established a personal relationship which was very important to my father. He looked forward to her visits and encouraging words. Later down the road when my dad's Parkinson's progressed he wanted to make a photo album of family and friends and he put Lee's picture on the front cover!…

    Vicki Lynn M.

  • Lee is, without question, the most caring and compassionate person I know, and that's one of her secrets, the other is her contagious smile. My mom was always up and motivated for whatever challenge Lee presented that day, and mom always exceeded the goals that Lee set for her. Thank you, Lee, for all the years of your hard work, and for all the extra years it gave me with Mom.…

    Cathy L.

  • As my aging parents caregiver, I understood that keeping their mobility and balance gave them the chance to help preserve their quality of life as long as possible during the aging process. I started with them having balance therapy on a very frequent basis and this rapidly improved their mobility and balance to prevent falls. I continued with the help of Lee to have therapy to keep mobility good for them for the last 10 years. My mother-in-law (Dot Worth) recently passed away at 96 but even with a hip replacement and knee replacements she still had some mobility and was not wheelchair-bound. My dad now 99 still continues therapy with Lee who is keeping him still walking.…

    Beverly W.